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Story Tellers

Romans 12:21 KJVS
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Musicians appearing at Save the Lou


Why do I do what I do? Everything I do for the Lord is because I love Him, He set me free from myself so the things i do are no longer for myself but for His Great Name and Glory! He's my everything!

Manna Muzic

Who am I? Child Of God bond servant to King Jesus. Why I'm Doing this? To set the captives free! Bring hope to the hopeless. Win Souls for the Kingdom. Complete the will of God!

Coleboy Sedro

The reason I’ve decided to do away with my plan for Gods purpose is because I know Gods purpose is better than my plan. I want to see lives changed through the power of the Holy Spirit. My desire is to see my father will be done in all of the earth !! I want to help set the captives free and offer my life as an sacrifice for the Lord. Souls will be saved and chains broken in Jesus mighty name !

Da Word

Who am I? Born again conscious rapper ministering the Word of God. Why am I doing this? To help people navigate life with a biblical perspective.


The Linkboyz was founded in prison. When one day while in Ronnie J7's cell, Danny 3D was instructed by the Holy Spirit to open Ronnie J7's dictionary. The first word that 3D's eyes seen was the word Linkboy. The word stated that in the 1650's people would hire kids to hold lamps in the streets at night so people could see and find their way home. And that's exactly what the Linkboyz do through their music. They offer hope and inspiration through their lyrics and testimonies to the people. From a life of crime in drugs to a life in Christ and recovery. From "Link in cuffs to Linked in Christ "


Who am I? My name is Antonio Mayes. Also know as Noceasn. I'm a minister of music from Shelbyville Tennessee. Why do I do This? I love to see the lost redeemed, the blind seeing, and the glorification of our Father which is in heaven. I'm excited to do this event and expecting each 3 of these things to be taking place In the name of Jesus Christ. I won't rest until God has been Glorified!

Story Tellers appearing at Save the Lou

Stanley Prince

After, 26 years in prison on his 3rd tour, God would bring Stanley Prince full circle, back to the person God truly created him to be. His life has been a journey in discovery, love and care, particularly in the area of mental health. He addresses his life with humor and honesty and while some things may make you laugh, some others things may make you cry but our prayer is that hopefully, through it all, you are inspired. In the end Stanley would come to the realization that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life!

James Borders

At age 28, I was given a life sentence. I was a first-time nonviolent offender charged with conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of crack cocaine. I was also charged with illegal enhancements that were not presented to the jury: leader organizer, obstruction of justice, and an increased drug amount. The only evidence used in my case against me was the testimonies of convicted felons. My story is one of crime, repentance, corruption, injustice, faith and love.

Eric Ross

Event host, Eric Ross was born and raised in the church, drawn away by the desires of this world, received 3 DWI's, a 5 year federal sentence for conspiracy to distribute cocaine, only God can receive glory for his life! An example of redemption, forgiveness and Grace to give us hope!

Earl Grissom Jr.

Who are you?
I am a Young,Gifted and Black Man that God saved from Gangs,Drugs and Crime. I am an Overcomer who is walking in my Purpose and The Plan that's been Ordained for me. I'm a Preacher of the Good News of Jesus Christ and I'm very Liberal in extending Hope and Help to a lost ,blind and depraved Generation.I am one whom God has raised up for a time such as Now. I am a child of God

Why I do what I Do
I was once blind and deceived,not knowing I was a pawn of Satan. When God delivered me and the blinders came off, Wow I was so angry that The Adversary was using me as an instrument of destruction and was prepared to send me into everlasting destruction until God stepped in and saved me on Resurrection Sunday in 97'. Now I'm passionate about helping others who are trapped by a diabolical systemic enterprise that leads to poverty, failure,incarceration and ultimate eternal damnation.
I believe there is hope and possibility for all people if they Have an opportunity to encounter The Christ who died for them to prosper be in health even as their soul prospers.
I do it because Christ done it for me

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Our goal is to rise

Amount Raised
By Our Team
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If you are having technical difficulties with payment processing. Please call Eric Ross at (314) 497-8314 for other ways to donate. Thank you.

How are the funds allocated
Fundraising Needs for The Event:

Raffle Prizes:
20 - $50 QT Gas Cards = $1000
10 - $100 Visa Cards = $1000
4 - $250 Amazon Gift Cards = $1000
2 – 65" Vizio Smart TV = $1000
1 - $1000 Cash Grand Prize

Book Bags:
Hoping to receive at least 100 book bags to give away.

Food Packs from Food Pantry:
200 Fuel packs so far

Free BBQ:
$2500 to buy miscellaneous food that is not donated, charcoal for bbq and lighter fluid, plates, silverware, napkins.

Possible donations thus far pledged by: (which would lower budget need.)

A Place to Come and Worship is working towards 500 hot dogs and 500 bags of chips

Ebony with Safelink agreed to get 500 more Bratwurst and or Polish Sausage.

Need: 1000 Sodas, 1000 waters, 1000 buns?, 1000 desert cakes (ding dongs, twinkies, etc.), large Coolers with Ice to keep drinks cold.
$2000 for plane tickets, Hotel, Car Rental for out of town musical

$800 for sound equipment Rental
$1200 For stage Rental
$400 DJ

$500 for event landing page
$450 Promotional videos
$1500 Flyers, Banners, yard signs for neighborhoods will keep for future events as possible
$750 to make 100 t shirts design

Event Planner:

Children Activities:
$800 for 2 Bounce houses and 3 games.
$500 Generator rental and externsion cords includes generator cost for music equipment

$1500 for unforeseen needs and costs.



September 17th
from 12-4pm
Event begins:
Manna Muzic
5 raffle prize drawing
Biship Holly
5 raffle prize drawings
Stanley Prince
Da Word
5 raffle prize drawings
Victim Impact
6 raffle prize drawings
James Borders
6 raffle prize drawings
Earl L. Grissom Jr
6 raffle prize drawings
Victim Impact
Manna Muzic
2 prize drawings and $1000 grand prize drawing
Closing Gospel songs and Prayer


To capture the historical significance of St. Louis, one might use the word "confluence." Just as it sounds, the word "confluence" refers to a place of "flowing together," where two rivers meet. Prior to the damming up of the great rivers in the world, such as the Nile, the Amazon, and the Mississippi, the river "confluence" near St. Louis where the Missouri River with the Mississippi River flow together had more gallons of water flowing each minute than any other place on planet earth. Not just "a confluence" but "The Confluence." This is why a major city came to be located here. This is why Lewis and Clark began their historic exploration from here. This is why St. Louis became known as "the Gateway to the West." But what if there were a spiritual meaning embedded in the natural geography of our city? What if St. Louis has a divine vocation to be a place, not of coming apart, but of coming together? What if the Lord's intent for our city were "confluence," not conflict," and integration, not disintegration?

OUr Mission

Empower the Local Church, Unite The Body Of Christ, Evangelize The Lost, Magnify The Name Of Jesus
Our Mission is to give a platform to men and women who are devoted to seeing a change in our city. People who want to see healing across cultures, ethnicities, denominations to bring about a true unity to our community. Scripture says “judgement starts with the house of God”, we must lead by example. We want to use this platform to empower local churches, ministries and organizations in a close proximity to the event. We believe by introducing them in a broader scale to their community we can create an almost type of expo experience while ministries set up booths that people can visit. We want to do all the work to serve them and allow them to use the platform we provide. We want to unite the body of Christ by providing a way for us all to work together, with the common goal of seeing Christ preached and thinking transformed by the truth. Our goal is to join with churches outside of our target community to raise resources to help empower local voices who are within reach of the lost in these communities. We want real problems to be addressed to show people how their actions affect the community as a whole. We want to create opportunities for Christians to invite their unbelieving friends to a place easier to go than church yet will allow them to hear the power of the gospel and experience the love of Jesus! More than any of these things we want the Name of Jesus to be magnified. All the musicians and speakers will be sharing their personal experiences with Jesus Christ and how He transformed their lives and gave them HOPE. We believe the raffle, give aways, free bbq, music is the bait to draw the people out of the community so that we can present the hook of the Gospel, we are fishers of men. We believe that God is infinite and desires for people to understand that He is the One who blesses us, not us blessing Him!

For information on this event contact

Community NETWORK

Join the Movement to Wake Up STL with local churches, ministries and organizations. Meet people in St. Louis who have a heart to help those in need and a desire to see positive changes in our community!
Brothers, Sisters, Friends, Disciples, Lost Sheep


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